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As a gambler, your winnings depend on two very important things: odds and the amount of your bet. Our system will help you with premium info and veridical odds.

If you are the sports predictor that can share 1-2 correct tips daily, please contact us and create an account on our site.

We will pay you $600 monthly if you will be the winner in our ranking categories.

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    Michelino Bruno

    I started betting about 10 years ago with a bunch of mates. Over those ten years I always had the biggest wins. My mates knew I could pick a winner and so started asking me for advice. For long time, I helped my friends to increase their winnings then, i started selling these tips for cash for more people and i was really excited when i made all of them happy with big winnings. I’ve used a couple of different tips services to sell tips but GenOdds has been the best to work with. I get great help from the guys and recently broke £6000 per month from doing nothing else than selling the tips I’d give to my mates for free!

    How it works?


    Done the research and know the outcome of an upcoming match?
    Post your tip, our administrator will double-check all info related and it will appear in our “Today Betting Tips” .


    Once your tip is live we’ll promote it to over 100,000+ bettors. If your tips will come true, you will get a big chance to win our monthly prizes of up to 600$ and the possibility to sell your Premium Tips to all our customers.


    Only here, 70% of every Sale is given to you directly. Assuming a bettor buys the minimum membership for one day of €9.99 or €49 for 1 month, for 100 bettors you will get €4900 * 0.6, that is €2940 monthly. That 60% is well above the industry average and could grow into tens of thousands of Euros every month.

    Serious Tips For Serious Bettors

    You’ve got the knowledge and impressive history of winning bets. Maybe you created your own system based on your unique analysis method that allows you daily to pick winning bets. But what you earn is still limited by the number of bets you can place, the cash you can stake, and the odds set by the bookie. If you’re constantly picking winning bets, surely your earnings shouldn’t be limited, right? We want to inform you that, only now and only here you can earn an unlimited amount. GenOdds is full of serious bettors. Bettors who are happy to pay for tips because they know our tipsters provide a high return on investment for them. You are very serious about your predictions and want to increase your earnings, our Platform is the place where you will find serious bettors, that will help you with this.

    We Want You To Succeed

    Most sport prediction sites don’t look after their tipsters Offering tipsters less than 40% of their earnings and no assistance. Also, they are charging a registration fee, so you get a drawback from the very beginning! At GenOdds platform we understand that you, the Tipster, are the most important atom of our business. When you succeed, so do we. Be sure, that we will do our best to assign from start a bunch of bettors to your profile helping you to get started easier and attract more bettors.

    • We help verify your account to instil trust and attract more bettors
    • We take the smallest percentage possible. The majority of the 40% we take is used to keep the site going, pay taxes, and advertise to find more bettors for you.
    • We highlight high performing tipsters to bring them more business
    • Zero set-up or registration fee. Offer just 10 minutes of your time, no minutes more. If you’ve got the tips and knowledge, we’ll help you become a tip superstar who earns more than a full-time living. If you’ve got the tips and knowledge, we’ll help you become a tip superstar who earns more than a full time living.
    • 24 hour support. If you’ll need help, something will not be clear or something will not arrange your on-site, then just ping and you will get immediate assistance.

    Terms and Conditions for Participation

    1. Create a Tipster account on our platform > BECOME a TIPSTER <
    2. Post maximum two tips (predictions) per day.
    3. Post at least 30 tips (predictions) per month
    4. Post different events in one day (don’t post a same event into a day)
    5. Follow us at least on 2 social platforms

    1. REWARDS BASED ON Tipster Ranking STATISTIC (monthly)

    1. FIRST PLACE: 200$
    2. SECOND PLACE: 100$
    3. THIRD PLACE: 50$

    2. REWARDS BASED ON Best 10 Efficiency up to 20 tips STATISTIC (monthly)

    1. FIRST PLACE: 200$
    2. SECOND PLACE: 100$
    3. THIRD PLACE: 50$

    3. REWARDS BASED ON Best 10 Efficiency over 20 tips STATISTIC (monthly)

    1. FIRST PLACE: 200$
    2. SECOND PLACE: 100$
    3. THIRD PLACE: 50$

    All Tipsters statistics will be calculated at the end of each month (GMT)

    Ready To Become A Tipster?

    Pavol Hrdina

    I’ve always loved betting. But I’ve got a family to support so had to be super careful with the amount of money I had to gamble. I was great at picking winning bets, but couldn’t risk taking too much on them. Selling my predictions through the GenOdds platform has helped with both of these problems. I’m earning now, more and more money from my bets which I can cherish straight back into my account. It is given me many more possibilities to place more valuable bets and spend more time analyzing the leagues to pick the biggest winners possible.

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      Nyoman Sihotang

      Over the years I have made a profit on various sport prediction sites and have even run my own type of business for a while. Running my own business was really hard, but it was rewarding and this is the most important for me. Working for other tip sites didn’t have the success I hoped it would because everything I did was controlled by someone else. I paid huge fees to the host platform and operate under their rules. It’s why I love it at GenOdds. I forgot about the stress of trying to find bettors like I did running my own business. Now GenOdds Platform is connecting me with new and new bettors every day and I not only keep more of the money from my sales but have a great team to support me when I need it. GenOdds is, quite simply, the best tipster service for anyone wanting to sell tips.